Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thoughts on Dancing!

I always knew I was meant to dance. I remember cradling my big teddy-bear as a child and dancing along with the cast of Dirty Dancing. I even did the scene when Johnny keeps on tickling Baby as he tries to get his hand down her hand-armpit and waist.

Sure I must of looked a little weird; technically a 6-7 yr old trying to dirty dance with her bear must of caused my mother to potentially have to settle for dreams of me just making it out of puberty instead the usual doctor/astronaut/successful-tyrant. But, alas I have made it out and well past puberty and unfortunately I didn't do it as a dancer.

This has caused a lot of misplaced energy to ball-up, and for as long as I can remember it seems that unless I dance at least a few times a week, I become a lifeless-angry-easily frayed brain-eating zombie. Now I know this description is not totally accurate, but then again its not all in the details.

That is why I decided to share with you my love of dancing, and link to a YouTube video of a flash-mob dancing to Oprah's Kick-off Party. I have a feeling I will try and do this later tonight, although I did have my usual morning dance-off (with myself) in the kitchen.

To all those dancers who where told they were too fat, or not talented enough...I encourage you to take over your kitchen floor and dance till the egg's are done and the oatmeal is cooked! It might not be a stadium yet, but one step at a time :)

Here We GO!

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