Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something new and something borrowed!

So the cat is out of the proverbial bag, and I have told a lot of people around me I will write a novel. Now of course my mouth always gets much much further than my actions (initially) and so I suppose now I must write a book.

This proposition poses a few problems:
1. I've never written one before (not so much of a problem...maybe more like a wait game issue)
2. I'm so use to writing papers that writing fiction is hard
3. I feel like my imagination has been drained out of me by the evil master-minds of the current TV line-up (DAMN YOU TRUE BLOOD and STARGATE UNIVERSE)
4. I get bored very easily
5. I will succeed (not a problem...just an affirmation I read you should think about all the time if you want something...)
6. I will probably try and apply "the secret" way of thinking, even though I really dislike that whole scene

So the plan for the next couple of months is:
1. start the novel
2. start it again (but better)
3. redo the start because I find something better to write about
4. start again
5. drink a bottle of wine because I've started the novel 4 times now
6. cry because the bottle of wine is empty and I have to go back to writing
7.write some more
8. buy a bottle of wine
9. drink said bottle of wine
10. take a month break where I discover my true life purpose and dance around a fire
11. remember that I just had 2 bottle of wine in less than 2 months (very very rare for me)
12. google AA and cry myself to sleep because I might be an alcoholic
13. write some more
14. play with cat...or anyone who will take my mind off of writing
15. buy beer
16. remember I don't drink beer and exchange it for cheap wine
17. finish last page! celebrate by getting drunk! and become a millionaire (billionaire in 3 yrs) the next day
18. remind my monkey butler that he really should wear pants and use a bit less rum in his concoctions :)


hugs and love and all that mushy stuff

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