Monday, December 17, 2007

I don't want gifts!!

I understand people enjoy giving gifts, that Christmas is suppose to give people the opportunity to show you how much they care. What I do not agree with is that physical gifts, especially the bought kind are necessary to that appreciation.

Over the years I've tried to (in failure) get my family to stop giving each other gifts during Christmas. The main idea was, I really don't need more: figurines, books (I don't read), or in general things I don't want. If budget were not an issue perhaps paying off my education debt would be a nice gift, or a trip to India. But since budget is an issue, I realize that I really do not want more material things, which in the end I never use, and add to the pollution of the planet.

SO in vain I try again this year, please please lets not do gifts. I would rather get a heartfelt card, or letter, or hug, or anything but another box wrapped in the sorrow of too many people who had to produce it, or inhale the toxins it spewed into the air/water/soil.

This year for Christmas I wish only for company and good food. In my attempt to cut through the gifts stuff I suggested that if my family really wants to get me gifts, I want them to donate money to their fav charity (or mine).
In addition, I've only bought gifts for those I know truly need them. I for one don't need any, because I'm comfortably at home with very few needs as of today. But there are family members that just moved, and need a bit of help in setting-up their nest. Therefore my suggestion is that the people who truly need gifts should be focused on. If that is no one this year then no gifts for anyone.

These are just a few thoughts on Christmas and the commercialization of relationships (be it family or romantic).

peace to all,
-Anna (r)

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