Monday, December 17, 2007

Can you eat too many avocados?

I never use to like avocados, for years I turned my nose up at the sight of them. Now I fill my morning routine with a small piece of delicious rye bread topped with an avocado. Yes the whole avocado!! I stretch and dislocate my jaw, but I get this delicious sandwich into my mouth and for minutes fall into blissful dreaming.

It all started when I went vegan. I couldn't stand avocados before that, and then suddenly I decided what the heck I'll give it one more go. Ever since that fateful day I've been addicted.

I don't know if there are interventions when it comes to eating avocados, but my addiction has gone so far as to research the avocado and its history, origin, and current economic status.

So to add to your already full brain, I want to note that Americans pay the most for their avocados. You may ask, why? Surprisingly it's because they eat most of the avocados that are produced within the US, mainly California. With the higher cost of production (labour etc) in the US, and strict guidelines for imports from Mexico and a few other Latin countries, US farmers have a set monopoly.

Another interesting fact about avocados: most of the avocados produced in the US come from one single tree, ordered by a farmer a few decades ago. Since avocado trees are hard to breed, most offspring are not offspring at all but grafts of the mother tree.

I hope I have added a bit to your knowledge of the avocado, and illustrated how for some alcohol is an addiction, but for me it is the fruit of the gods, the seed of passion- the avocado.

-Anna (R)

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