Saturday, December 1, 2007

Life Goes On...

School is winding down, life is gearing-up and I'm still trying to figure-out what to do with myself. Do I do my masters, do I go and find a job, do I go and travel and work my way through the world, do I go and work for my sister, do I move to Alberta (where my sis is), oh what to do?

I've been looking at applications and I can honestly say that I hate reference letters. They are a waste of time, and all programs require them. I know that that program admission committee know's that reference letters mean nothing, as most students get generic ones from prof's they dont really know. This to me is pointless, so why oh why do I need to submit 8 so far for 3 programs.

In other news, its super cold and my hands are turning blue.

-Anna (r)

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