Thursday, May 7, 2009

STOP using Sunscreen!!!

For the love of corals...Stop Using Regular Sunscreen!!!

Yes, I have been known to not wear sunscreen, I've also been known to have a nice lobsterish red tint to my skin at the beginning of summer....think of delicate red roses :)

I have always gone semi a-natural, and sunscreen has always been the "crap...I forgot...oh well next time".

Well well, I've been redeemed. Apart form the wrinkles I'm told I will have, I have also been saving coral reefs. Now, I'm not one to brag all that much, but its just amazing that I've been an environmentalist without even knowing it lol. Apparently, new research show's that 10% of the worlds coral reefs are in danger of bleaching due to the sunscreen that washes off from swimmers.

Now, fear not...not all sunscreen is bad, the mineral kind is Ok...apparently researchers in Australia tested 4 regular kinds and all had the same effect thanks to some buto-something chemical. Yes yes, I forgot its whole chemical name, but you can't blame a girl from not catching all the details when she's perusing the radio-waves. Anywhoo, I'm here as the friendly messenger. Keep ya sunscreen off the corals!!!

and as always much love,

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