Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Cruel World of Writing Papers

It always come's down to this, for the first 2 months I take my sweet-ass time in researching and reading relevant things for whatever independent studies I'm doing. Then in the 3rd month I panic a bit and read a bit more, and then 1.5 weeks till the due date I try and take all that reading, at which point I remember 30% of and punch-out a paper.

I know the above sounds wonderful, what student doesn't do this, right? But, in my case I like to think I'm a master at it, and push it to more like 3 days before something is due. So in case you ever find yourself procrastinating and reading, then take solace in that I probably read it 3 times and way too many blogs to count, then made food twice over...went to the gym, watched some commercials on tv (I never seem to get a show when its actually on), and then checked my email a gazillion times before I wrote my 1st page..stay tuned to what I like to do when I get to my 5th page.

Oh the wonders of grad school :)

cheers to long night 24 hrs before something is due!

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