Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Airport Musings

As I drove my sister to the airport, I thought about all the good times we had when little.

Namely the hair pulling, gut kicking, candy stealing love we shared back in those youngin' days. Its hard to believe that we are both in our twenties and share an awesome connection. Harder still when I think that my sister and I are totally different people.

I like to chill, take a back seat and jump from place to place so as to taste the grass on as many lawns as possible. While my sister is slow and steady, with a definite flare for disorganization and leaving things to the last minute. Now granted I do this too, I calculate the pleasure I could get by putting something off and doing fun stuff instead, usually I come-up with an alternative to whatever work I have pencilled in.

My sister though is much worse, and to top it off the little munchkin' (only in size, as I am the younger one) gets pissed off at anyone who tells her this. Imagine trying to take a piece of tuna from a wild cat, that approaches her reaction.

This whole difference got me thinking about family, and much to my surprise I have come to conclude that people love family because they can't change it. It's kind of like pets, we love them because they cant leave. That is sort of the same deal with family, we presume that they wont leave because at some point you mom was their incubator.

call me crazy, but I just might be on to something that has been talked to death about...

Anna (r)

ps. I've been feeding my growing army of wild cats with salmon and chicken (from my mom's work). I will try and see if I can figure out how to fix my digi-cam and get some pics.

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