Friday, February 6, 2009

A Curious Discovery

I forgot I had a blog!!

I've been so busy with life, and my many temporary interests that this blog has gone the way of the giant Colombia snake (fossil) that was just found. I kid you not, it is the length of a bus! swallow that those who fear snakes!

I am back, I recognize I love...just love writing. Not the book style (although I am trying), but the general 'this is life and this is how I'm dealing with it' style. I hope you can appreciate this blog for what it is, a collection of little ol'me.

In the spirit of this new post I will update you all on what has happened in life. If you remember a previous entry on me and my crazy unknown path in life and where to take it, in a short statement in answer to that: I am now in Grad school! --> this does not make me more anything, it has just been a natural progression of my life thus far. Granted I now wish I was a vegan chef extraordinaire....with my own little B&B and a little cafe attached. No no, some of us who are on our way to higher education still don't know what to do with life, I would say that is probably why we are still in university LoL.

I welcome you all to this new and updated Blog....come one and all....

Now for some cool news!

Chocolate is good for you! I know many many people have been waiting for that, the caveat being that it should be raw dark chocolate! In my books, please do not hate me for this, chocolate isn't all that yummy; especially dark chocolate....I'm a fruit girl myself......ooooh sweet delicious pomegranates how I miss thee when you were a mere 99 cents.

Enough for now, to all a good day with lots of thoughts of warm May :)


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