Friday, March 13, 2009

Damn Apple Inc.!

I thought my like of Apple was over, when my Ipod video died. Yes I dropped it, but who cares. It refused to restart and then the hard drive died.

Yes I did try the "lets open our ipod and change the hard drive" only to damage the case, and make it look like Terminator chewed on it. Yes it was relatively new 1-5 yrs, and yes I had to toss it. Along with any like of Apple products, especially when Itunes wanted me to get an account...for which they wanted my credit card.

Now, I'm no longer a CC user, I stay away from the darn things like my life depended on it, unfortunately the remaining monthly payments hound me down. But you live and learn ppl, live and learn. CC companies are similar to fat kids, they just want more and more. But! I have taken a responsible way out, and decided that as soon as I can afford a shack in Jamaica or St. Lucia...ideally Hawaii, I will move and not tell them..THIS includes YOU OSAP!

Ok, I am getting too ahead of myself on bills (that's another post), I want to talk to you about my new love of apple. All in one tiny little piece of machine that I've had many moons ago, and which just couldnt stand-up to my ipod video so it got sidelines along the way. BUT no longer, because Apple gave it a makeover. ONe that, I kid you not, seems to have been catered to build back my love.

THE new and improved Apple iShuffle! Oh its so pretty, oh it tells you what's playing...and most importantly: you can switch play lists!! ooooooh my hear is melting!! oh Apple I love you!

Yes hope is renewed in the world, sometimes in the strangest places we find daily light to keep us going. Today it was Apple's email in my mailbox that got the old metal heart working again, almost turning it human.

ooooooh so beautiful

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