Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time to take a look at the World!

What are government's doing to help people?

Recently I read that a load of Indian-made HIV drugs purchased by the Clinton Foundation was confiscated by Dutch authorities, because their distribution and make violate intellectual property rights!! Follow this link to read more.

I am so incredibly mad at this, largely because people are dying and big companies are making billions off of this. These companies are death-profiteers; much like in war zones you have companies/states come in and take(steal) resources (case in point DRC) because the population is powerless during a crisis. These companies profit from people who are on the cusp of dying, and the reason is: insatiable greed.

I ask this then, why should intellectual property rights be upheld at the expense of human rights. These companies have made their money back 10-fold, now it's time to give to the people of the world and stop biting the hand that feeds you.

The aspect of the government here is most disturbing. Government's are lobbied constantly, and as one lobbyist on Capital Hill said "poor people don't contribute to campaigns". We are faced with a system that forgets who it is here to serve. and its elected officials line their own pockets at the expense of the people that they are meant to help.

THERE is not JUSTICE in this type of system, and hence I await the results of Obama's administration in the hope that I am wrong.

I also want to add a little side note. Why is it that dentists are not included as part of the health plan in Canada, and in my specific region: Ontario. It boggles my mind how something that impacts your health as much as your teeth/mouth are considered an outside medical service. Even then, services such as massage therapy that are not normally paid for, will be if it is deemed as part of a recovery strategy.....but dentists nowhere in this stupid system are covered.

I will not go into how much $$$ going to a dentist costs, as I found this out (and still see on a monthly basis) courtesy of Visa. But, why the F*cK is this service not priced more afford-ably, and if not then why is part of it not covered by OHIP.

A little bit of ranting on a Saturday morning, but much needed in light of neglecting my awesome blogging duties :)

peace to all, and to all a good day

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