Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hero Rats!!

There is justice in this world. After all the years of wining-for and defending the noble rat, I have come across the Adopt a HeroRAT project.

The creature most people think of as a pest is saving human lives, it is reasserting its awesomeness. Yes, it is the majestic rat that is de-mining fields in Mozambique and sniffing out TB in patients.

Please check-out the above link, and if you are a fellow rat lover give a nod of approval to this fine creature. If you have (up to now), thought of the rat as a pest, rethink your stance and come join me in loving all their glory.

I always though being born in the year of the rat, not any rat but golden rat was a blessing. In many ways, it was predestined that I love rats. My parents never shared my appreciation, and whole-heartedly disapproved of my "rescue" of rats at my cats paws, but after all these years I know it was for a better cause.

Sometimes the things we dislike the most bring forth the most wonderful innovations, and those things that we like we definitely do for a bigger purpose.

From this day forth you can call me the "anna the rat lover"


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