Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Race Question!

I hate when people use the race card, there is only one race: the human race.
Within it are many many different people, all unique, all beautiful.

No one should be defined by the colour of their skin, hair, or eyes. My character show's through my actions, not through my skin; this is true for everyone.

I have always hated racism, or in more general terms ignorance and hurting ppl. As far back as I can remember, my stomach would turn every-time bad comments were made about ppl, many times it was me. Kids can be cruel, adults even more so. Racism exists, it exists everywhere people are different, and it would be nice if it didn't.

You may think...but wait Anna, you are white...and yes, I am white; almost see-through when the winter is long and no sun to be seen. But I have experienced racism. I have also seen people be racist, or do racist things. I have seen the sorrow and pain in a persons' eye's who is the victim of racism, and I hate what it does to you. How it makes you feel, somehow inadequate. I have felt it.

I find myself currently at the end of a tail-spin of all different kinds of tension. I am the evil white girl; the home wrecker, devil worshiper (yes this has been thrown my way). I am also that which stands at the intersection of tradition and choice.

The world needs work, not the earth and its beauty, but the world people have constructed within their minds. The change that I yearn most, seems a far glimmer. The world that I see and experience is a lot more harsh, fast paced than I have ever imagined.

Yet it is so beautiful. The duality of the Beauty and the Beast.....The world was so much easier when I was young, Belle found Beast..they fell in love...ppl didn't accept it...but magic happened and then everything turned out prevailed.

Life isn't like Disney, it isn't so clear-cut, no rose is losing its petals telling you that you are losing your humanity. There are only jabs and jerks, stumbles on the road to death.

How soon can aliens come down and show the ppl of the earth that we are one and the same, maybe throw in some super energy reactor that will power our stuff problem free. OH my Aliens where are though!!

In honour of the world and ppl that experience conflict, I give you a bit of spoke word. Spoken from the heart. Enjoy.

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