Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Hate the Taliban

I try and be optimistic, I try and understand where people come from and different points of view. But, today I reached a level of anger I haven't experienced in a long time. Specifically this was thanks to a cell-phone video of a girl being whipped, because she was "maybe" seen with a married man (this is apparently a maybe b/c only one neighbour allegedly saw her talking to him near her house).

The Taliban have made huge inroads into Pakistan, and due to the fu*ked-up mess the US left in Afghanistan, the crazy mother-fu**ers have began their rein of terrorizing women. How sick these bastards must be. Yes perhaps I'm not being culturally sensitive, but it just makes me sick to see a girl scream in pain, and a circle of old decrepit men standing around gloating. I just do not understand how little respect you must have for another human being, namely women, to do such unjust things. All the more reason to pressure the Pakistani government into patrolling their region better. Yes I am aware of the difficulty of this, not to mention the meddling of the US and their left-over crap, but woman's rights are being systematically stripped and its hard to stand-by and watch this.

More action, less crap like this is allowed to happen.

You can see the video here

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