Friday, April 24, 2009

I never thought I would hear this on TV.

Ok, so just so that I don't keep ya all waiting, this post has to do with Lady Gaga. A new-on-the-scene performer who more than once makes my ears perk-up and my head tilt.

Her lyrics are bad-a*s, ok ok ok ... maybe not so bad a*s, more like slightly awesome, and as a big plus some of her songs are quite enjoyable. So you must understand why it is that I loved this interview, for all its gaganess and freshness.

Yes you heard it right "A Really Big Donkey Dick"....Bravo Lady Gaga, I love you even more now. Finally there is some variety in media language. Oooooh.. let the vocabulary craziness begin!!

Love you all,
more posts to come :)

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