Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Call to Save Bluefin Tuna

I love sushi, and a few day's ago as I walked along Bloor, I found to my utter disbelief that my favourite shushi place was bordered up and closed down. I almost cried, I even dreamed the following night of talking to the owner and asking where the sushi-chef had gone so I could follow him...yes it is quite a commitement, almost an unspoken love I had of the place. Not because that was the only sushi place in Toronto, but because Osaka Sushi was the only place I found had the best veggie sushi. Their shitake mushroom roll has been a staple of my diet for years, and now I will never taste its succulent flavour.

This got me thinking about the crazy world of real sushi, with raw fish. It got me thinking that perhaps everyone who has been gulping down sea-food sushi has been implicit in the culture of destroying our oceans.

Think of the Bluefin Tuna...a crazy big fish, that can live up to 30 years and be as long as 14 feet. A top predator to say the least. The Norther Bluefin Tuna is native to the Atlantic, and in Canada has a rich history. Yes, I bet you didn't know that Canada had Tuna, especially this giant one, that makes the mouths of the Japanese or sushi-lovers the world over salivate. Well now you know, and you should also know that the population has seen upwards of an 80% decline in population.

So why do I care about this, because our oceans are being systematically killed, not so much by global warming or pollution, but because we are fishing them out and not giving a DAMN about it.

How disgusting can we as humans get, that we pay so little attention that we let this travesty go by. I a long time ago said no to sea-food, the only seafood I eat now is well grown Spirulina, and seaweed. Not because I hated the taste, far from it, but because I cared enough and made a choice.

So please make a choice, and look into what is happening with our oceans. I am not asking you to stop eating all fish, if you do not want to, but to be smart about the fish you eat. Below I am providing some links, so take a look and make your choice. Bluefin Tuna as well as Sharks and millions of other sea-animals are at stake, more so it is all of the earth.

The Seafood Selector
Seafood Watch Program from Monterey Bay Aquarium

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