Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I love Bill Maher

Yes....I'm finally coming out, I though I could keep this to myself, but no longer can I keep my heart from bursting forth with awesome rainow filled admiration; I love...LOVE Bill Maher!

I would like nothing else than to take that little man and jump on him, then kiss him from head to toe.

I know I know, you are probably asking why, and to give you a full run-down would be difficult online, but his outspoken nature, tell-it-like-it-is personality, amazing documentaries and **drum roll please** recent comment on Phelps and Kellogg's, is song to my heart.

Mr. Maher made my heart jump for saying publicly (on Jay Leno [extra points]) what I've been thinking all along, but haven't built up my media empire enough (just yet) to do myself. For your reading pleasure I include a quote.

On Kellogg's dropping Phelps:
"I wish we could end this charade in this country that putting marijuana in your body is somehow worse than a thousand other things that people put in their body - including anything made by Kellogg's!" -Bill Maher on Jay Leno 2/10/09

Woooooohoooooo, THANK YOU Bill Maher for finally coming out and saying what needed to be said in your ever heart-stopping manner :)

Yes Kellogg's is rolling in its multi-million dollar bed, but evenutally they will realize what crap they sell and move along. Maybe spike some of their cereal with nutrient dense MJ seeds :)

That's my thought for the hour :)
peace to all

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