Monday, February 23, 2009

Orgasm While Reading....well almost

Yes...I almost got an orgasm while reading Mark Duffield's "War as a Network Enterprise: The New Security Terrain and its Implications." Found in Cultural Values, Vol. 6, Nos. 1 & 2: 151-165....and FREELY available at:

I'm not one to get wild about academic work all too often, but Duffield is awesome and should be mandatory reading for all undergrads (which sadly I was not privy to while I was doing mine). Additionally Carolyn Nordstrom and her "Shadows of War" is an excellent read. Both speak to a network of extra-state transactions that are changing our society, and the need to somehow incorporate it into our 'old' (my emphasis) state system (a slightly nuanced interpretation...not as much of an academic one as I'm currently writing lol).

That's it for today!! Keep your brain from shrinking by getting a daily dose of "What...I didn't know that!!!"

Short post, I admit!!, but as time gets tighter and I need to finish a few papers, these are the cherries in my day that make things go POP!

Wishing you all happy reading "with a POP"!!


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